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USB LabJack

The USB-LabJack is a compact, efficient and simple method of motorizing a Newport Model 271 Lab Jack (https://www.newport.com/p/271) . This enhanced automated lab jack can lift loads of up to 25 Kg (~55lbs) a distance of 40 mm with only the power of a standard USB 2.0 port.. This provides a USB powered method of positional control unmatched in size, simplicity, and cost. The system comes complete with our Windows based USB-Motor application that operates on any PC with Windows-XP or higher. The user interface provides for velocity (step speed), and position (step) control. A built-in magnetic (Hall) sensor is used to establish the (fully retracted) Home position. All position movements are relative to this Home position. A DLL file of functions is provided for integrating the device into your own application software.

Cost: $1,655 each, plus shipping and handling. Contact us for any questions, orders, quantity discounts or focustom applications of this device.

USB LabJack


USB-LABJACK Software Download (ZIP)


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