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If your application requires the motions of a hexapod platform with 0.001 millimeter repeatability, then you do not need the more expensive platforms on the market. The Mini-hexapod platform is the answer you have been looking for. The Picard Mini-hexapod is a relatively low cost kinematics platform that allows motion with six-degrees of freedom. These motions are in the X, Y, and Z direction, with rotations about those axes. Six linear actuators are placed in a triangular pattern to achieve a rigid, stable, and precise movement while carrying a Load. With its dedicated drive electronics and Windows user interface, the control of the platform’s motions is simplified for ease of use.

Cost: $14,950

Mini Hexapod Platform Mini Hexapod Platform

MHP - Software Data
MHP - Hardware Data
MHP-11 Mechanical Layout

MHP-Simulator Download (ZIP)

MHP-11 Cad Model (STEP)

Click to view DemoMHP-14 Demo 

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